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Praxis Sharing

Are you a newly qualified psychotherapist or healing professional? We all know that starting a new practice is a challenge and there are a lot of costs involved (e.g., computer, sofa, armchairs, lighting, telephone, printer, coffee machine, brokerage fees, carpets, kettle, and recurring costs such as rent, phone, electricity, supplies). This means you are looking at approximately 20,000€ or more just to get started! This can be very challenging and overwhelming if you don't even have a client base yet.

But what if you did not have to have all those starting costs and overhead?  What if you could simply start to see clients without the stress and burden of high fixed costs and large investments?

Praxis Sharing is concept we started over 10 years ago in the heart of Munich.  We offer beautifully decorated therapy rooms that are comfortably outfitted for a tranquil therapeutic experience.  Everything you might need to provide therapy is found in the practice, including file cabinents so you might store your client files on the premises. 

The flexibitiy of our Practice Rooms allows for therapists to see a client even on short notice and you can book a room conveniently online from your personal computer or mobile phone for the same day up to three months in advance.  

If you think you would like to be part of our Praxis Sharing team, please do get in touch.


The right marketing is of enormous importance in order to build a solid client base, especially in the start-up phase of a new psychotherapy/healing practitioner business.  You need clients and we know how to find them.  Ranking on the first page of Google Search, being a part of our website will guarantee exposure to potential clients.  We also network with a range relevant websites, expat professionals, medical professionals and schools to increase client referral possibilities.  

If you are a psychotherapist or healing professional and you would like to be included on our website and in our marketing campaigns, please connect with us and we can discuss details on how we might work for you.


Room Booking
20 € per hour
5€ per booking plus tax
100€ key deposit is required
*A minimum of 1 hour per week is necessary to have access to the practice.  This means everyone pays a minimum monthy fee of 85,95€.

Marketing and Website Referrals
35 € per month plus tax (includes unlimited bookings at the Munich practice)