Alexandra Coates


About Me

My name is Alexandra Coates and I am a Professional Clinical Counselor Intern, registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences in California, USA (License # 2203). I was born in New York, USA and brought up in Starnberg, close to Munich, Germany. I consider both countries my home and have lived on and off throughout my personal and professional life in Bavaria as well as California and New York. I provide therapy sessions in both English and German for children (age 1.5 and up), adolescents and adults. I specialize in the treatment of early childhood emotional, behavioral and social struggles for children, as well as eating, exercise and body image issues in adolescents and adults.

Education and Experience

My educational path includes degrees in School Psychology and English from the University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in Germany and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Wyoming. I specialize in early childhood struggles and am trained in child-centered play therapy (according to Gary Landreth and Virginia Axline) as well as child-parent-relationship therapy (Gary Landreth & Sue C. Bratton).

The utilization of play in therapy enables children to communicate their inner world. Provided with facilitative toys, children bring their feelings to the surface, giving them the opportunity to face their emotional world.  Where children struggle to utilize words for their experience, play can provide the language and toys are their words. They learn self-regulation regarding emotion, contributing to a stronger sense of self.

I have been trained by leading play therapists in the United States and have attended several trainings and workshops in regards to sand play therapy, feeding issues and trauma focused play therapy, including the Stanford Children’s Hospital in California, USA.

In addition to my experience in play therapy, I specialize in working with both male and females struggling with eating, exercise and body image difficulties. My experience includes working as a therapist at the residential and day treatment programs of Dr. Anita Johnston, author of the bestseller “Eating in the light of the moon”.

Areas of Specialization

I am able to provide child-centered play therapy sessions for younger clients or family therapy sessions according to child-parent-relationship therapy, traditional talk therapy or therapy focusing on expressive arts for adolescents and adults. I believe that “no one shoe fits all”. Together with my clients I want to find a way for each individual to express themselves accordingly to their needs. My work focuses mainly on humanistic therapy but I am able to provide clients with interventions from different therapeutic approaches, depending on their needs.

Areas of struggles may include but are not limited to:
•    Behavioral, emotional and social struggles in children
•    Child-Parent difficulties, including divorce or trauma
•    Eating, exercise and body image struggles
•    Anxiety and depressive symptoms
•    Stress and coping

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