Ennja Hsu

Working online and from Frankfurt.


About Me

My name is Ennja Hsu (Yun-Enn Hsu). I come from Taiwan, studied in Taiwan Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and then acquired my master degree in Scottland in Art Psychotherapy. I live in Germany since 1.5 years and attended also therapy training. I am qualified to work as Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie in Germany.

I can work with traditional talking-therapy and also expressive art therapy with art materials or creative method. Depends on the needs of my clients, I can apply elements of systemic therapy, dialektisch-behaviorale therapy, client-centered therapy and nonviolent communication in the therapy sessions.

In the therapeutic work, I like to focus on identifying strengths and resources of clients, exploring feelings and expectations and learning to express them in an effective way. I use often paints and clay as creative materials, trough the creative process, difficult emotions and complicated thoughts can be externalized and become reachable, so that the client can better look at it, understand it and also feel released.

I establish a secure space, introduces clients to different possibility of creating Image or art work, accompany them to face their struggles and explores with them together for solution and direction.
Through these therapeutic works, clients could get to know themselves better, gain self-confidence and know better how to deal with strong emotions and conflicts in Life.
Art therapy t is not a recreational activity or an art lesson. Clients do not need to have any previous experience or Skills. If you feel unsure about being creative, I will guide you with some easy tips.


  • Children and Adolescent with emotional and behavioural struggles
  • Adult with various social and mental problems
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Emotion management
  • Stress coping
  • Nonviolent Communication


  • Individual Therapy in German, English or Chinese: €95 per 50 min or €140 per 80 min
  • Child/Adolescent Therapy in German, English or Chinese:  €95 per 50 min

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您好,我是來自台灣的藝術治療師Ennja。在台灣取得台灣大學護理學系學士學位後,我去了英國愛丁堡Queen Margaret University進修心理藝術治療,於2016年取得碩士學位。2016年底我開始在德國居住,並在此考取另類療法心理治療師 (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie) 的證照。
我提供傳統談話治療或表達性藝術治療療程,治療方法依據個案需求納入系統性心理治療 (systemic therapy) 、辯證行為療法 (dialektisch-behaviorale) 和非暴力溝通的元素。
在治療過程中,我將引導您尋找及認識自己的長處和周圍的資源 (人事物)、探索內心感受和期望並學習表達。如果您選擇藝術治療的療程,我提供不同的藝術媒材,常用的有顏料和陶土。創作的過程可以幫助您達出內心的情感,或將雜亂的思緒煩惱拋出在眼前,使之成為可及之物,可以去端詳它、了解它、並感受壓力的釋放。




[ 個人(成人) 藝術心理治療 ]
每周一次,每次50分鐘,費用 €95
每周一次,每次80分鐘,費用  €140

[ 兒童青少年 藝術心理治療 ]
每周一次,每次50分鐘,費用 €95